Why Do People Travel?

‘Live life with no excuses and travel with no regrets’

Most people at some point in life have the urge to travel, some travel to take a break from their daily lives while some travel to far off lands to meet their dear and near ones. Everybody has their own reason to travel, for youngsters travelling is a way of enjoying and spending time with friends, whereas for the elder generation it is a way of attaining mental peace. So every person has a different perspective when it comes to travelling; today we shall talk about the few common reasons why people travel.

Why do people travel

Reasons why people travel

  • In order to spend time with family- In case you have some family members or some loved ones that stay far off in a different city, then it is obvious that you would visit them at some point. Travelling trips to meet family makes you not only meet them, but also teach you about the way they live and the way they have adapted themselves to the new culture. Even if your loved one has moved to a new country, then also it is obvious that you would visit them at some point, because distance doesn’t matter when it is about family.
  • To spend time with friends- Most of the younger generation, love travelling because they get to spend time with their friends. The memories that are made on these trips are cherished for a lifetime, so one should and one does make the most of it. Reunion trips, college trips, trips with colleagues are common among the youngsters, because who doesn’t like travelling with friends? I know most of us like it.
  • In search of oneself- This is quite common, because of an event or incident in life. It could be anything loss of a loved one, end of a relationship, loss of job or because you are jobless even after you have finished college could trigger you to go and find yourself. Well to be honest solo trips are actually life-changing and one should in their life-time go on a trip alone for self-introspection.
  • To discover new places- Some people love going on adventures and discovering new places, the culture of that place and the cuisine that is famous there, and the best way to do this is by exploring the world.
  • To relax in life- In this competitive world people have become so occupied that they hardly have any time left for themselves. So travelling is a way of escaping from the hectic schedules and deadlines for a lot of people today, especially those who work in multinationals and hardly get time for themselves or for their family. Travelling away gives a feeling of bliss and is the best relaxation therapy.
  • For change of weather- Well, yes a lot of people travel because it is either too hot or too cold. Travelling is the best way to escape the climate that one has to face almost every day. Those who live in colder regions travel to the beaches to get some sunshine, while those who live near the coast or in places where there is too much sunshine prefer travelling to the hills.

Life is short and it is important to live it to the fullest, travelling is the best way to do so. Once in a while one should take out time and go on a trip with friends or family without thinking about the money that is being spent because it is required for a healthy mind, body and soul.