How To Get Over Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is one of those feelings in which a person starts to get dizzy. This happens when your ears sense the motion differently than the motion sensed by eyes. This is common in people who travel on a regular basis. It also happens while riding on roller coasters and other amusement park rides. It progresses from uneasiness and often leads to dizziness. Nausea and vomiting are the further commonly experienced symptoms.

Cause of motion sickness

When the brain receives mixed signals from the body’s sensory receptors like eyes, ears, hands, and legs then one gets the feeling of motion sickness. If your eyes cannot perceive the motion your body is feeling then it is highly likely that your brain receives mixed signals causing an imbalance in the state of the body. For example, when you are traveling through the airplane and your body feels the turbulence but your eyes cannot perceive it. These mixed signals confuse the brain and generate a sense of dizziness.

How To Get Over Motion Sickness

Symptoms of motion sickness

The first symptom that your body experience in case of motion sickness is the feeling of uneasiness. Most commonly, the person starts feeling pain in his stomach. Next, sweat and dizziness follow this stage. People often experience a pale skin and an increase in the production of saliva. Headaches and fatigues accompany these symptoms. After these initial symptoms, people start to experience nausea and have vomiting.

Need of Doctor

The symptoms of motion sickness do not last for long times and are easily controllable. Hence, a doctor is not necessary for such situations. However, if a person experiences some major health issues and starts to dehydrate, then a consultation of the doctor becomes necessary. Although, once the motion stops these symptoms gradually decrease and the person starts to feel normal.

Tips to prevent motion sickness

While experiencing motion sickness one can get very uneasy. In order to prevent these symptoms, one can follow these methods.

  • Travel at night – If you get motion sickness while traveling then you must consider traveling during the night. At night, you can sleep or take naps and while sleeping you do not experience symptoms of motion sickness. Hence, taking overnight flights or road trips during nights can prevent you from motion sickness.
  • Hydration – Keeping yourself hydrated helps to prevent the symptoms of motion sickness. Although you might need to stop for toilet breaks more frequent it is better than experiencing dizziness. Ensure carrying cold water with you while traveling.
  • Fewer Snacks – In order to prevent motion sickness, one should avoid having too many snacks. Having snacks constantly throughout the journey only increases the issues of motion sickness. However, eating less can prevent the feeling of nausea.
  • Sit forward – If you face the problem of motion sickness, one must prefer sitting in the front seat or prefer sitting in the seat, which is in close proximity of a window.
  • Close eyes – People often prefer to watch at a stable thing while traveling or a much better and convenient way is to close your eyes for preventing symptoms of motion sickness. Try to listen to music and engage yourself in something that keeps you distracted and you do not focus on the motion sickness.
  • Regular Stoppage – The best cure to motion sickness is to stop moving. Hence, frequent breaks during the journey help to keep the symptoms from rising in the body. Consider all traveling options and plan your journey accordingly, that provides you with a considerable amount of break between the journey.
  • Preparation – Vomits is one of the common symptoms of motion sickness. This is why it is necessary to carry bags and containers while traveling if you witness the problems of motion sickness. These can also come in handy for storing dirty clothes.
  • Do not read – Prefer not reading while traveling. When you focus down and constantly read it can increase the effects of the symptoms. Instead of this, one should prefer looking at some constant stable object.
  • Avoid smells – While traveling makes sure that you do not smell something foul. Sitting near exhaust or toilets in trains makes a person feel more uncomfortable and worsens the effects of motion sickness.
  • Ginger – Ginger is one of the most efficient food items that help in reducing the symptoms of motion sickness. Chewing just two grams of ginger helps in minimizing the effects of symptoms.
  • Medication – There are numerous medicines available in the market that helps in controlling the effects of motion sickness. One can easily purchase them in the nearby medical store. Ensure to eat them before the journey begins and you would feel a lot better throughout the journey.

Pregnant women, migraine patients, and children of age between two to twelve are most likely to experience the effects of motion sickness. Therefore, if you are traveling with any of those you must take proper measures. Motion sickness is not a very serious problem but one needs to take proper measures to keep control of the effects.