How to get a Car key Unstuck from Ignition?

You are in a hurry and ready to go to your office, but it does not work when you insert the key in the ignition switch. You tried again and again, but it is not working.

You decided to remove the key to check the key, but it cannot be removed and stuck in the ignition lock, visit at You try to pull it many times but in vain.

Stop, do not waste your time and force on that ridiculous task; go for some simple solutions to remove that stuck key from the ignition.

It is a minor problem that can be resolved at home without visiting a car workshop.

How to get a car key unstuck from ignition?

How to get a car key unstuck from ignition

Try these simple steps that are not just simple but also possible with easily accessible items at your home.

First Way:

Not only try to remove the key, but it will be helpful for you to wiggle the steering wheel forth and back.

While pulling out the key, you also wiggle the steering wheel; otherwise, you may break your key inside the ignition lock when you put much force.

Second Way:

You have tried the above step but not works, then take the car jack and jack up the car’s front side.

It will help you wiggle the steering due to more space due to the steering’s low weight. Now pull out the key by continuous steering wiggling. You can pull out the stuck key gently from the ignition lock.

Third way:

Now take some lubricant oil and insert it inside the ignition switch from the sides of the key
Wait for two are three minutes and try to pull out the key gently. Please take new lubricant oil.

Fourth Way:

It also not works? No need to worry now; takes some cubes of ice and wraps these small ice cubes around the key top. It will help the key metal to become harder that will bear your force and do not break.

Once you ensure it becomes cold and hard, try to pull out the key with continuous steering wiggling. Your key will be unstuck from the ignition lock.

Fifth Way:

If still, you cannot do that, now it’s time to give it heat; it will work. Take a hairdryer and direct the hot air toward the ignition switch.

It will help to remove the debris, dust and also push the lubricant oil forward. Now again, try to pull out the key; it will be unstuck.



Keep in mind while you are trying to pull out the key in each above step, apply force gently, and keep wiggling the steering.

Most of the time, the steering jam problem makes your key stuck in the ignition lock, so the wiggling of steering will be helpful every time.

Final Thoughts:

Ignition lock mostly has minor problems, such as a key stuck in the ignition lock system. You can find out their simple solutions without damaging or replacing your car key and ignition lock.