How Far Can a Helicopter Travel?

Well, you might just want to take some time off from your regular routine and go on a vacation with your family or friends. It is considered to be easier to have an access to the helicopter charter services. You got to thank the innovative ideas and technology as to why the engines are quieter and also allows a further travel. But you must be wondering as to how far can such a charter helicopter actually travel? This needs to be an important consideration, if you are planning to purchase one for yourself.

It is natural that if the helicopter is small in size, it will have a fuel tank which small too and this definitely will have a small distance at which it will be able to travel. There are a lot of variations in the different sizes of the fuel tanks and the maximum speed. You need to find the one that will cater to all your requirements.

How far can a helicopter travel

What does the law have to say?

Helicopters too have to abide by a set of rules which are been laid out by the Civil aviation Authority. In case you decide on flying near areas which are busy you will have to submit to the air traffic control who will set out routes that you are allowed to take which will depend on the size of your helicopter, its speed and the engine that it has.

Having an access to private property can be restricted. Also bad weather can lead to blanket bans on the flights of the helicopter if the conditions seems too unsafe. If you want to move between borders in your helicopter, then you will be subjected to the same laws like the private jets, but then again there will be variation in this depending on which country it is.

Helicopter travel is for everyone out there, there are no restrictions as such. But there are a few misconceptions people have in their minds regarding the travel in the helicopter. Let us have a look at some of them, which include:

  • Travelling in a helicopter can be really expensive: there are many people who have this belief that a helicopter travel can actually cost them a fortune. Well, this isn’t the truth, a travel in the helicopter can be at affordable rates, even if you have your small group of your family and friends.
  • Travelling in the helicopter is not safe: many people feel the nervousness about flying in a helicopter as compared to plane travel. You need to know that there are experts who will control your journey well and make sure that you are very comfortable about everything on board.
  • Helicopter travel isn’t very flexible: there is a plenty of choice and flexibility when it comes to planning a trip. There are helicopters that take off soon one after the other which makes it really convenient and flexible for you, even in case you have missed you designated slot, you need not panic, since you can get an accommodation on the next flight!