Easy Ways to Remove Car Tints

If you are looking for how to remove car tints, then this blog post is perfect for you! This article will provide information on how to remove car tints as well as how to avoid damaging the vehicle while doing so. We’ll also cover some of the most common mistakes that people make when removing their car tint themselves. There are a variety of different ways at fairsquare.com in which one can choose in order to successfully and easily remove their car tint.

Instructions For Removing Window Tint With A Hairdryer:

Instructions For Removing Window Tint With A Hairdryer

There are many methods for how to remove car tints. One of the easiest ways is to use a hairdryer and heat gun combination. Before you start, ensure that your window glass is cool; if it’s not, wait until it has cooled before you continue with these instructions.

Take out the rear seat and front passenger seats from the car so that there will be enough space in which to work on either side of the windows without impediment during this process. Wet down one section at a time using a spray bottle filled with water or an old rag soaked in water.

How to Remove Window Tint Steamer Removal:

How to Remove Window Tint Steamer Removal

Many people who want to remove window tinting from their car windows turn to the most popular way of removing it, which is using a steamer. Steaming removes those pesky residues that often come with tints and leaves them shiny clean with no chemical stains or residue. A steamer can be found at any home improvement store and will make your job much easier than well as leave you with an amazing result!

Place some water in a large pot on high heat until boiling, then place the steam cleaner over the surface area. Allow all parts of the machine (such as hoses) to reach maximum temperature before starting use otherwise, there may not be enough force behind how hard it’s pushing out hot air.

Use Ammonia:

If you want to remove car tints without damaging the paint, you use ammonia. Ammonia will break down the tint slowly and safely so it can easily be removed by hand or with a sponge. You’ll need:

  • A jug of warm water mixed in with one gallon of household cleaning liquid called “ammonia”.
  • One old towel for wiping surfaces clean post removal.
  • Gloves (optional)

To remove your car’s window tinting, take off any accessories from around the edges of the window panels such as wipers and wiper blades before soaking them in this mixture for about five minutes on each panel. Afterward, wait 24 hours before attempting to remove them!

Use Soap And Scrape To Remove Tint:

Use soap and scrape to remove tint from windows. Wet the window with some water, put a little dishwashing liquid on your sponge or rag, then scrub away at the film of tint that is stuck to the car’s glass. It should come off right away!

Remove Window Tint With Rubbing Alcohol:

Remove Window Tint With Rubbing Alcohol

Tired of how your car window tint looks? Remove it with rubbing alcohol and a razor blade! To do this, start by pouring enough rubbing alcohol on the surface of the glass to make a wet film. Then, use an old or dull razor blade (or any other sharp object that you may have) to remove portions of the tint. The key is to remove the tint by scraping it off.


Removing car tinting is an easy way to make your vehicle look better and it will also help save energy. Tinted windows should be removed by someone who knows what they are doing because if not, the tints can come off in layers or even peel away like a banana skin!